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Safari Leader

Visit all ten destinations on the Abundant Safari and become a Safari Leader! After visiting all destinations, chose a prize and brag to your friends: View prizes.

The mission is divided into two parts for convenience.


Part I: Destinations and Proposed Route

Part I of this mission begins at Hickory Hill and ends at Terry Trueblood Recreation Area. Approximately half of the route is on bike trails. It can be ridden in 1-3 hours.



Part II: Destinations and Proposed Route

Part II of this mission begins at the Terry Trueblood Recreation Area and ends at the East Side Recycling Center. Half the route is on country roads.

Note that the trail between (C) Oxeye Prairie and (E) South Sycamore Wetland is only available when the gates of Soccer Park are open. A bit of backtracking is necessary when the park is closed.