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2400 Taylor Dr
Iowa City, IA

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Wetherby Park Edible Forest Maze

Enjoy winding through a maze of berries, herbs, flowers, and fruit in this evolving edible maze at Wetherby Park. In partnership with the Iowa City Parks and Recreation Department, Backyard Abundance designed the maze in 2011 through a grant from the National Parks and Recreation Association.

The plants were selected and placed to emulate a healthy woodland ecosystem which will help reduce maintenance and increase bird and insect habitat. The emerging food forest contains dwarf apple, pear, and cherry trees, hazelnut shrubs, gooseberry shrubs, honeyberry shrubs, chokeberry (arionia) shrubs, and a variety of herbs and ground covers. All plants work together to provide food, suppress weeds, provide nutrients, or attract beneficial insects just like a healthy woodland.

Activities and Experiences

  • Meander through the maze grazing on fruit and herbs throughout the growing season.
  • Rub the leaves of plants to discover interesting smells.
  • Hike and jog the park trails.
  • Relax and picnic in the many shady areas.

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