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4213 Sand Rd SE
Iowa City, IA

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Terry Trueblood Recreation Area

The Terry Trueblood Recreation Area is located along the Iowa River at the south edge of Iowa City. It was once a sand and gravel quarry and spans over 200 acres. The beautiful lake comprises almost half the area and is home to fish, ducks, and other wildlife.

A paved trail around the entire lake runs through forested and open areas providing opportunities for biking, running, walking, and sightseeing. Many interesting destinations can be found along the diverse lakeshore for canoes and boaters. Sandy dunes and beaches on the lake’s south peninsula will supply hours of adventure.

The long trails and diverse terrain creates a great habitat for children and adults to wade, get muddy, see waterfowl, catch frogs, and enjoy themselves. Boaters, picnicers, bird watchers, insect enthusiasts, and photographers will enjoy a part or full-day trip to the area.

Activities and Experiences

  • Understand which birds, insects, and wildlife thrive in lake ecosystems.
  • Photograph the many inhabitants and wildflowers in the area.
  • Build sand castles along the beach.
  • Boating, running, walking, and wintertime cross-country skiing.
  • Fishing.
  • Relax and observe nature.

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