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2401 Scott Blvd SE
Iowa City, IA

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East Side Recycling Center

East Side Recycling Center is a one-stop recycling hub for all of Iowa City. The site hosts public recycling bins along with shopping stores Habitat ReStore, Furniture Project, and Salvage Barn. Each of these organizations demonstrates how different pieces of our local building economy, human services, and historic preservation relate to waste reduction, reuse, and recycling.

The entire area is a public environmental educational tool. Storm water runoff is managed through bioswales, a green roof on the education building, and permeable paving in the parking lot. The environmental education center hosts both indoor and outdoor rooms for groups to learn about solar and wind energy, waste reduction, recycling, and storm water management.

Educational signs throughout the area provide details about environmental features. No other landscape has so many carefully labeled native prairie plants. If you are considering planting native prairie in your landscape, you can get a first-hand look at a wide variety of plants to help in deciding which ones you prefer.

Activities and Experiences

  • See and learn about a wide variety of native plants.
  • See the wind turbine and solar panels generating electricity for the buildings and parking lot.
  • See how permeable pavement and bioswales keep the nearby stream free of pollutants.
  • Purchase new and recycled building materials for your home and gardening projects.

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