Abundant Landscapes

Every landscape on the Safari directly improves the health of our local environment.

Connection to Nature
Visiting these landscapes for fun, exercise, relaxation, or learning gives you a direct connection to the natural world.

Researched Benefits
Research shows that frequent exposure to nature increases your wellness and skills, oftentimes in ways that are not readily apparent

Over time, this bond helps you instinctively learn the principles and patterns of nature that make it so abundant and resilient.


Abundant Safari is an adventure for children and adults who want to explore naturally abundant places in their community. Plan walking, running, and biking trips with friends and family to explore, take pictures, find signposts, and learn.


Backyard AbundanceBackyard Abundance

The program was created and is sponsored by Backyard Abundance, a nonprofit that helps people create landscapes that improve the health of our local environment.

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Community Foundation of Johnson CountyCommunity Foundation of Johnson County

The program is made possible through a grant from the Community Foundation of Johnson County, Iowa. Thank you to our community for their generous environmental donations to the foundation.

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Iowa City Parks and Recreation

Partners and Sponsors

The Abundant Safari is successful because of Iowa City Parks and Recreation for their assistance with locating destinations, the University of Iowa geology students for helping map locations, and the many local organizations for their donations and promotion.

University of Iowa Iowa State University Extension New Pioneer Food Co-opField to FamilyDevotayTrumpet Blossom Cafe